This week, a study was released showing the average person is spending four hours a week more on their phones than in 2017.  So how do we get through the day without being swamped by all those external voices, so many of which are screaming with outrage these days?

Mindfulness is a great place to start.  We know, we know – you’ve read all about it.  But what do you really know about the benefits to your everyday life of having a healthy mindfulness practice?  Do you know mindfulness is an NHS-approved approach to helping people dealing with anxiety?  No doubt you know that mindfulness will help you sleep better but do you know it will also increase your concentration levels and help you perform better at work?  Memory improves, creativity rises and even your reaction times become faster.

It’s not just for adults either.  The University of Cambridge ran a study which concluded that the introduction of eight-week mindfulness courses in UK universities could help prevent mental illness and boost students’ wellness, even during exam week, their most stressful period of the year.

Mindfulness is the perfect topic to follow last week’s blog about Self Love. The foundation layer of any mindfulness practices sits in Self Love.  The practice of observation without criticism encourages you to be more compassionate with yourself.  By teaching you to catch negative thought patterns before they tip you into a downward spiral, mindfulness helps you take control of your emotions.  Want more peace and perspective in your life?  Slow down, live in the moment, take control.  Stress – who needs it!

Would you like to incorporate mindfulness into your everyday life?  We’ve still got a few places available for Steve Chamberlain’s course starting 7th March.