Yogaclicks at Deva Yoga

We are very excited about our fabulous collaboration with YogaClicks - online store - giving our customers access to lots of wonderful yoga products and gifts.

Lucy Edge is the founder of YogaClicks as well as being the successful author of Yoga School Dropout, Downdog Billionaire and others, (which you will find on the shelves of our honesty library in the studio).

Lucy’s passion and drive behind YogaClicks is to advocate for yogi’s with creative talents and vision in transforming the way we see the world and ourselves through their products. Take a peak inside at the wonderful array of handpicked products, lovingly made by these exceptionally talented yogi craftsmen and women using sustainable and natural materials, coupled with their pure ethical values - simply giving back!   

We have selected a few of our favs below to whet your appetite.

Use the code DEVA15 for 15% off your first order when you shop via the below link