Food Allergy Test

Lorisian has just released its latest test just in time for Spring and all its allergies.

The allergy test is for people who have experienced an instant severe reaction and want to know what has caused it.

Symptoms can start to show within 2 hours, and can be very painful, and in some extreme cases prove fatal.

45% of the UKs population will experience some form of Allergic Reaction during their lifetime, and this fast test will give the reasons behind it.

The results will reduce triggers occurring and also the use of antihistamines and an EpiPen will contain future reactions if the test shows they are required.

A simple finger prick blood test is used for collection, using slightly more blood than is required than the Food Intolerance test.

All clients who receive results where an allergy is detected, will be offered a feedback discussion at Deva Yoga and the opportunity to book a telephone consultation with a Lorisian approved nutritionist for 30mins at the additional cost of £50.

For more information or to book an appointment please contact the studio.

Cost £249