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Sunday July 1st Urban Meditation Retreat Day with Emma Brown

October 20th - 24th Casa Santosha Spain with Jayne Harman and Emma Brown

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Yoga to Live Music - June 21st with Jayne & Charlotte

Mantra Workshop - June 29th with Emma Brown

Arm Balance Workshop - July 5th with Hassan Intac

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Mental Health Awareness Week. Where does this fit in the World of Yoga?

As I wrote the title for this blog, 2 things immediately struck me.  One, Isn’t it great that mental health is finally being recognised and talked about.  And two, does this mean that we are are suffering so much more from mental health and related disease, that we have a dedicated week to speak out about it?

Three key insights to help you move beyond stress

This article is written by local Life Coach Steve Chamberlain as part of Mental Health Awareness Week.