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Explore your inner Deva with our unlimited one time offer of a two week pass for £30. Choice of all classes for all abilities with our team of professional and gifted teachers.

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Starting Wednesday 21st February 11am
Starting Wednesday 21st February 4pm

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February and March

Beginners Yoga - February 7th 7.45pm- 9pm FULL
Improvers Yoga - February 15th 7.45pm- 9pm
Beginners Yoga - February 28th 6:15pm- 7:30pm
Modern Mindfulness March 7th 7.45pm - 9.15pm

Modern Mindfulness

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Mindfulness - what can it do for you?

Stressed much? We know. Blame it on life. Work, family, commuting, friends, exercising - there’s so much to squeeze into one day and constantly changing technology seems to make the pace of life faster every year.

Self Love

In Emily’s Kundalini class this past Saturday, she took us through a heart opening kriya. Working on my heart chakra a few days before Valentine’s Day left me thinking about the latest “it” topic – Self Love.