Sound Bath with Kalie Jade

Thursday 19th September
8.15pm - 9.15pm
Cost £20

Experience the calming and quietening effects of the Sound Bath with Kalie Jade

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Surya Namaskar Workshop

With Kevin Flee
Saturday 21st September
Cost £20

"A Practice In Perseverance"
Join Kevin to stoke your yogic fire!

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Tired of being Tired

With Charlotte Bennett
Thursday 26th September

Are you feeling continuously exhausted? Or do you constantly have niggling symptoms which you may have accepted as normal? Join Charlotte for this first step to a new you!

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Rest, Renew & Relax Workshop

Sound Medicine for the Mind, Body & Soul with Kallie – Gayatri Yogin

Sunday 29th Sept
6.30pm - 8.30pm
Cost £25

Join Kallie for this special Sunday treat to end your weekend in a pure state of bliss!

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