Since opening our Deva Yoga doors earlier this month we had the pleasure of meeting with lots of people interested in either starting yoga or continuing in their practice. One question that comes up time and time again is

 Which yoga is right for me?

Here at Deva Yoga, Chislehurst we want to make yoga accessible to everyone, no matter what your age or gender and we truly believe that yoga can bring so many wonderful benefits with each and every practice. We have something for everyone with a wide range of classes. Lets take a look at some of the classes in more detail to best establish which is best for you.

Beginners Yoga course

We have a four-week beginners yoga course which aims to take you through the basics. The weekly course will guide you through some of the core poses and bring your attention to your breath, so you can begin to feel that all-important relaxation whist building your confidence to continue your yoga journey.

Hatha Yoga Class

If you are looking for a gentle practice that will take you through a range of yoga poses with a large emphasis on your breathing and relaxation this could be the class for you. Hatha yoga is a great balance of holding poses to gain strength whilst being gentle enough for relaxation.


If you are hoping to have a slightly more challenging work out and you are aiming to gently rebuild body strength then our Pilates class could be for you. Pilates is often used to follow physiotherapy, aiming to increase flexibility and joint motion.

Vinyasa flow

Our Vinyasa flow classes are full of energy and movement. Unlike most other classes where a pose is held with deep breathing, Vinyasa classes aim to move from one pose to the next with the natural breath. This is as close to dance as yoga gets

One to one classes

If you’re still not sure which practice is best for you or if you would simply like to gain some confidence then why not try our one-to-one classes. Our gifted teachers will take you at your own pace and tailor your practice just for you, working with our body’s needs and requirements.

We have plenty of other classes running on our timetable, which can be found here. We are always happy to answer any questions you might have so pop in or pick up the phone.