Meet The Deva Yoga Team

Here at Deva Yoga we have a range of highly skilled instructors that aim to help you learn, develop and grow with every session. Whether you are joining us for hatha yoga, a mindfulness course or t’ai chi, we will guide you to develop and improve whilst respecting your own pace. Meet some of our gifted instructors and hear about their journeys…


Jayne Harman

Jayne has been practicing yoga since 2002.

Charlotte Sayuri

Charlotte trained in India in holistic Akhanda yoga.

Nina Rashid

Nina is a Senior Yoga teacher.

Sarah Jane Green

After 12 years in classical ballet, Sarah complimented her training with exploring and practicing the various styles of Yoga.

Emily Warner

Emily is passionate about sharing the power that yoga can have on the body and mind.

Courtenay Howe

Courtenay started practicing yoga as a way to bring focus and a sense of calm to everyday life.

Priya Karia

Priya brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her classes.

Liza Langford

Liza has been working in the fitness industry for more than 20 years.

Jenny Carne

Jenny has been practicing yoga for nearly twenty years.

Dave Boice

Having spent most of his working career in social care and community development, Dave first discovered Tai Chi in 2004.

Laura Scott

Laura is certified to teach yoga to both adults, teens and children.

Yinny Wan

Yinny's yoga journey started in 2009 as an Iyengar student.

Kalie Jade

Kalie is an intuitive Sound Therapist and healing practitioner.

Natalie Yunnie

Natalie's yoga journey began 11 years ago due to personal circumstances.