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Introductory Offer

Explore your inner Deva with our unlimited one time offer of a two week pass for £30. Choice of all classes for all abilities with our team of professional and gifted teachers.

New Courses 

New for 2019

New Year, new you...
Come and enjoy your practice.
Teen and Me Workshop
Sound Bath
Mindfulness Masterclass
And lots more... take a look and find a workshop to ease your way into the New Year..

Deva Earth Classes

Level 1

Restorative Yoga
Tai Chi
Pregnancy Yoga
Chair Yoga

Deva Water Classes

Level 1/2

(suitable for all levels)
Sunrise Yoga
Vinyasa Flow
Morning Vinyasa
Sivananda Flow
Get up and Flow

Deva Fire Classes

Level 2

Inspired Power Yoga

Ashtanga Flow

Energising Flow

Deva Air Classes

For Everyone

Monthly Sound Bath

Monthly Mindfulness Session


News & Blog

Why start your morning with Yoga?

To wake up and begin the day with a sense of urgency and excitement can feel like a struggle at times. Hitting the snooze button more times than you could afford and wishing you could stay snuggled up in a bed just a little while longer. Not forgetting the holiday seasons approaching and oh boy, the amount of things that need to be done, on a day to day basis!

Meet Deva’s Children and Family Yoga and Wellness tribe:

At Deva yoga we have a family of specialised yoga and wellness teachers who offer yoga and wellness classes to children and teens throughout the week and during the school holidays. Read on to meet our teachers and see what Deva yoga can offer your favourite humans.