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The benefits of Barre: Why everyone is doing this incredible exercise class!

Over the last few years, Barre classes have popped up all over the place as more and more people have become aware of its fantastic benefits and results they produce. Barre is a combination of Ballet, Pilates, Strength training and Yoga. A low impact but high intensity workout to sculpt the whole body. Barre uses a series of targeted, repetitive, low-impact movements that work to tone and sculpt muscles – quickly!

Treating TMJ Dysfunction and Facial Tension

Since I became a Massage Therapist, I have always been drawn to and enjoyed giving Face and Head Massage. Three years ago, I found myself in a role which specialised in Gym workouts for the face. Through sculpting and toning different faces all day, every day, I was introduced to facial tension, and became passionate about easing the discomfort that people were carrying round with them on a daily basis.