Meet The Deva Yoga Team

Here at Deva Yoga we have a range of highly skilled instructors who aim to help you learn, develop and grow with each practice. Whether you are joining us for yoga, pilates, a mindfulness class or t’ai chi, you will be guided to develop and improve whilst respecting your own pace. Meet some of our gifted instructors and hear about their journeys…


Jayne Harman

Jayne has been practicing yoga since 2002 and opened Deva Yoga in 2017.

Lauren Griffin

Lauren graduated from Ohio State University with a degree in Dance.

Nina Rashid

Nina is a Senior Yoga teacher with over 20 years of experience!

Minica Beason

Minica found yoga through her background in dance training.

Bella Maldener

Originally from Germany, Bella started her Yoga journey in 2015 when living in Indonesia.

Kevin Flee

Yoga found Kevin while studying kinesiology at TWR in Johannesburg.

Poppy Chamberlain

Poppy was led into Pilates through her Sports Massage Therapist career.

Liza Langford

Liza has been working in the fitness industry for more than 20 years.

Holly Harcourt

Holly was a professional dancer for over 15 years.

Leigh Lihou

At the age of 39 Leigh started to practice yoga, and knew after three months that this was going to be a big thing in her life.

Fatma Miotti

Fatma has always had a passion for fitness and health.

Claire Kennedy

Claire's classes are slow and thoughtful – she vows to forever be a student devouring books and soaking up inspiration, so these Philosophical insights often make an appearance in class in hope it will be soothing and inspiring to the listener.

Monika Ramoskaite

Monika finished her sound healing course 6 years ago and has been practicing since.

Shaun Cahill

Shaun, our Tai Chi teacher, started practising Tai Chi and the Li martial arts in 1984 originally under Chee Soo and subsequently under Tony Swanson.

Vanessa Fagan

Vanessa (‘V’) has been practising Pilates and Yoga as well as general fitness for over 20 years.