You know when spring has arrived as the sun is rising earlier in the morning with the sound of birds awakening you. The light is lasting longer into the evening, buds are forming on trees, the grass is looking greener, daffodils are blossoming, and ducklings are hatching.

Spring represents growth, beginnings, creation, optimism and expansion. In Chinese Medicine the element for spring is Wood, the colour is green, emotion is anger and organs are Liver and Gall Bladder.

Woods energy of growth compliments the rising yang nature of expansion which stretches outwards and upwards. Wood can help nourish our roots and our capacity for steadiness. When we are in balance and harmony, Woods quality is rooted firm and steady. For example, from these steady roots, trees can grow with a clear purpose and direction.

During spring try to keep your Qi flowing smoothly throughout your body or else the Liver can become stagnant which may lead to migraines, painful periods, mood swings and angry outbursts, dream disturbed sleep, digestive issues, tension in shoulders and neck.

 What can I do to help keep my Qi flowing smoothly?

Qi Gong especially Wood element sequences, Tai Chi, Yoga, Meditation, Acupuncture, increase foods such as fresh leafy greens, root vegetables, basil, cumin and turmeric. Also simply walking through a park or woods with nature around you.

So, what are your plans for spring? This might be a career change, new relationships, perhaps a change of location or a holiday or simply being more connected to yourself and nature allowing you to deepen and expand.