New Year, New You??
Why is it come January we think we need to completely upend our lives?  Shouldn’t our goals always include living a life that doesn’t need to be completely redone every 12 months?
We think that January actually is a good time for a little self-nourishment - mid-winter, post-Christmas holiday hustle and bustle.  Most of us are feeling the need to nurture our minds and bodies, to slow down a little, to treat ourselves with the loving care we deserve.  There’s a reason why the concept of hygge has become a global talking point. 
Here’s a few tips from us to help ease you into 2018:
  • Slow down winter is the perfect time for restorative movements that protect and nourish our bodies.  Yin yoga and Tai Chi are perfect examples.
  • Ground yourself in nature take a quick stroll around the block in the evening, hit the woods or a park on the weekend.  Take deep, cleansing breathes, listening to the crunch of the leaves underfoot, enjoy the sight of your breathe on the frosty air.
  • Eat clean chances are event the very good amongst us has indulged a bit on processed foods over the last few weeks.  Too much Prosecco, too many canapes, too much sugar.  Give your body a treat now with nourishing stews, thick soup and lots of winter vegetables.
  • Get cozy candles, fires, blankets, fuzzy slippers, flannel sheets.  Make January a month to pamper yourselves with lush textures, glowing lighting and warmth.
  • Self-loving want to change something about yourself in 2018?  Set a goal of being better at loving yourself.  Be kinder to yourself and those around you.  Journal, meditate, set intentions.  Practice consistent self-love.