Self Love

You can’t move right now without stumbling across articles, social media posts and every day mentions of Self Love.  How many lists of Self Love tips have you read this year so far?  Most of these tips focus on ways to spoil yourself – stealing 15 minutes for a cup of tea and your favourite magazine, indulging in a long bath with expensive bubbles, escaping to a spa for a day with a group of girlfriends.  

Now we may be a bit biased but we think yoga is the perfect embodiment of Self Love.  From standing in Tadasana and setting an intention at the beginning of your practice to finishing in Savasana with a few minutes of quiet meditation and calmness, your yoga mat is a sacred space where you can truly get close to your body, breathe and mind. 

Self Love is not about being perfect, and your yoga practice can help you peel back the layers to discover your true self. Where there is acceptance, there is love.  Where there is compassion, there is love. Where there is self-awareness, forgiveness and strength, there is love. So today, grab your mat and put a little energy into the most important relationship you have in your life – after all, it’s the one that will last your entire life!