Kids yoga is so much fun! Your child will leave feeling calm, energised and above all, happy.



A typical yoga class will include a warm up, yoga postures, yoga games, breathing practise and relaxation. Children will visit different countries, go on journeys, explore stories and use their imaginations to bring their yoga postures to life. They will collaborate with other children, working in teams and involving themselves in partner work.They’ll gain strength and flexibility and be proud to show off their moves to the rest of the family. They will also learn how to breathe properly, and enjoy a guided meditation. They will learn mindfulness tools which will help calm them and mean they are able to repair more easily from adversity. They will learn about kindness and friendship, trust and peace and how they can use all of these qualities in their everyday life. By giving your child these skills now you are allowing them to grow and become the best possible version of themselves. They’ll take all of these skills into their adult life where they’ll be able to deal more easily with the stresses of everyday life and hopefully their yoga will become a lifelong practise that they will continue to enjoy.


Children’s Yoga classes at Deva are:


Mondays: Yogalates, 4pm

Wednesdays: Children’s Yoga, 4pm

Thursdays: Preschool Yoga, 9:30am


We look forward to welcoming your children into the Deva family!