The benefits of Barre: Why everyone is doing this incredible exercise class!

Over the last few years, Barre classes have popped up all over the place as more and more people have become aware of its fantastic benefits and results they produce. Barre is a combination of Ballet, Pilates, Strength training and Yoga. A low impact but high intensity workout to sculpt the whole body. Barre uses a series of targeted, repetitive, low-impact movements that work to tone and sculpt muscles – quickly!

While many people are turned-off by the idea of Barre because they think they need to have dance experience, or be a good dancer, this is not the case at all. Barre is for EVERYONE. Anyone enjoy these classes, regardless of experience and ability.

It can be done at any age or fitness level

Barre classes can be done by anyone regardless of their level of fitness or strength… or their age! The nature of the exercises mean it is always possible to modify the moves, allowing you to adapt the exercises to suit your fitness level. Movements can be restricted or expanded in their range of motion to suit all specific needs.

It is low-impact, making it great for those with contraindications to exercise

Since Barre is low impact class. It is a great way to ease yourself into exercise after surgery, an injury or pre and post partum. The type of exercises performed – small and very controlled –  reduce pressure on your joints, ligaments, tendons and spine.

It increases endurance

In Barre, the movements are very, very small with numerous repetitions, squeezes and pulses (known as isometric moves). These are designed to push your muscles to their absolute limit and increase your endurance over time. Hence the term………Barre Burn!!

It helps create toned and sculpted muscles

These tiny, micro movements also work to burn fat, build muscle and sculpt your body quickly. The movements target all of the smaller muscles in your legs, bum, abs, arms, and back. By strengthening each muscle group, not only are you toning the entire body, but you’re building strength in the muscles too.

Core Blimey!

Barre is great for giving you a core of steel as in just about every exercise in the class your core muscles are engaged and challenged. Thanks to a majority of us now working from home, the core can often become weak as we spend hours hunched over a computer or sitting down. This can result in problems like back pain and poor posture.  As your core gets stronger, you’ll notice your posture will improve – you’ll sit and stand much taller – and back pain will be eased! Win Win!

It will improve your flexibility

The Barre class at Deva will always include a stretching session post class that will allow the heart rate to return to normal and to stretch the muscles used in the class to reduce the risk of injury. Tight muscles are associated with back pain and poor posture and stretching them out will help to relieve stress and pain, it’ll improve mobility and flexibility and range of motion around the joints. It’s also a great way to unwind and re-centre your mind and body for the rest of the day.

Variety is the spice of life

Just as Barre can be modified to be easier, small adjustments can also be made to make it more challenging as you get stronger. You can add more resistance or weights, increase the tempo, and boost intensity in a number of different ways to always keep you on your toes, keep it challenging, varied and most importantly enjoyable! With such incredible benefits, it is easy to see why people are loving Barre.

Try out a class at Deva and see the amazing results for yourself.