1. Developing your physical yoga practice
Over the course of a retreat there is usually more time for teachers to get to know your yoga practice and ability which means more opportunity to assist on alignment or moving deeper into an asana or maybe trying something new. Often we feel nervous to kick up into handstand at the wall for the first time or work on getting our toes off the floor in crow but this can be the best environment to try. With more opportunity to ask questions and less worries of falling over in front of your regular yoga classmates you have nothing to lose! But remember – attending all classes is not compulsory, do what feels right for you.

2. “Hello” new yoga BFF’s!
Don’t forget that the group heading off on retreat already have one major thing in common – a passion for yoga. It’s incredible how yoga can create a natural cohesion in a group and, if nothing else, can be discussed for hours on end. You may just walk away with a group of friends to share other retreats, yoga festivals, exhibitions, classes and beyond!

3. An opportunity to “detox” (digitally and physically)
On retreat healthy eating is easy with meals usually nutritionally rich and delicious. It’s an opportunity to change your diet for a week and reap the benefits with minimal effort. However there is never pressure to eat less or not to drink. It’s still your holiday so you can unwind however serves you best. Also it can be a chance to switch off your phone, tablet or other devices and dive into that book that’s been sitting beside your bed for a year. Or have some adventures with the group without your phone and live in the moment rather than stressing over the right lighting for the next Instagram or Facebook post.

4. Get perspective and be inspired
It’s amazing what a few days of yoga, rest and digital detox can do for your creativity and clarity of mind. We rarely get the opportunity to take some time out and consider how to make ourselves truly happier. Do we need to be brave and change career? Is there a way we can improve our relationships with food, exercise, family or friends? Often in a retreat setting, away from our everyday life we have an opportunity to reflect on some of these things, have a healthy exercise and diet regime and perhaps make an affirmation to implement a positive change when we return home.

5. Get a “proper” rest
So often we return from holiday thinking “I need another week to get over the last one” after overindulging at the all inclusive buffet and bar. Daily yoga, great food and great company in a gorgeous setting is the perfect tonic to leave life’s hustle and bustle behind and recharge our mind, body and soul…

So what are you waiting for?

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