Chasing Rainbows

In the middle of winter when we really do feel like we are in the thick of it.  

Living in times that we have never experienced before and in a culture that is built on productivity. Are we missing something? Are we constantly chasing something that doesn't exist? Are we blind to what we inherently already have at our finger tips? 

I don't know about you, but it can be way too easy to slip into the comfort and familiarity of cyclical and somewhat, negative thought patterns and feelings. We begin to reach for those emotional crutches in the hope of lifting our mood a little. Just another sweet, chocolate or cake. Another boxset to binge on - a great reason to remain a couch potato for a bit longer. Another glass of wine or two.
The list goes on as we continue to try and satisfy our unquenchable thirst of desire and all too quickly spiral, and find ourselves stuck in the proverbial rut. 

That's where the rainbows come in. Rainbows are a sign of hope and promise of better things to come. As the clouds start to clear the sun starts to shine and I quickly remind myself that the endless rain will stop, and the clocks will very soon spring forward giving us that much needed extra hour of daylight.  

Simple right? Not so simple believing it, especially at those times when bed, duvets and blankets seem so much more appealing than getting up and out into the big beautiful world that we live in. Letting go of those cyclical patterns and dropping those limiting crutches is the way forward. Shifting the dark, grey, negative clouds and slowly watching them disperse into nowhere. Watching the rain stop and your sky become clearer and brighter. 
That coupled with a gentle reminder from one of our cherished students (you know who you are;)) that it really is a privilege to get older.

And there it is... your rainbow. Maybe its time to stop chasing and start living!