What it's all about? And how did It come about? 

Claire and I were having a chat and we began speaking about our own losses and struggles with loneliness at various times in our lives. As we were chatting we began to discuss that these feelings are actually quite common and that loneliness is a nationwide epidemic and steadily increasing. There are many contributors and stats supporting this statement as Claire discusses in her recent blog. 

Many of you will already know Claire as an exceptionally talented massage therapist. And some of you may know me from teaching yoga and hosting Wellness Retreats.  
Claire is currently studying counselling and I have have also studied and have some knowledge and experience, within this field.
We also have another thing in common - our big passion to help others.  
I could see a twinkle in Claire's eye when she spoke about her desire to help and reach out to others who might be caught in the abyss of the loneliness epidemic. It was a twinkle that comes from the heart and one that I could connect with and felt truly inspired by.  
So we came up with 'Together'.  

'Together' is a regular monthly event which is open to absolutely everyone. Our door will be open for anyone to come in so we can grow 'Together'. We are not here to judge, ask questions or push anyone to do anything they don't want to do. We are hoping to build a friendly and welcoming space where we can share different ideas and maybe even throw some fun things in to 😉

Maybe you are looking to connect with others in a friendly environment or maybe you know someone who would benefit from coming along. 
Either way - it would be really lovely to see you.  Even if it's to come along and keep Claire and I company. 
With Love 

The sessions are donation based which can be given on the night. All donations will be greatly appreciated so donate what you are comfortable with. All proceeds will be donated to the charity Mind.

(Keep an eye on our website for upcoming dates and booking info)