To wake up and begin the day with a sense of urgency and excitement can feel like a struggle at times. Hitting the snooze button more times than you could afford and wishing you could stay snuggled up in a bed just a little while longer. Not forgetting the holiday seasons approaching and oh boy, the amount of things that need to be done, on a day to day basis! 

Despite the activity these winter months provide, how well are we actively moving our bodies, and how much time are we setting aside for consciously recharging our minds? 

Yoga provides tools to guide you into a more harmonised way of living, mindfully directing you back to your true self. 

Here at Deva Yoga, we offer an exciting range of classes to begin your morning right!

An early start to your day accompanied by Yoga, can increase your productivity, concentration and overall wellbeing. 

Perhaps you’re wondering what the magic of this practice is all about? Here are some facts to get you started:


Allocate time to warm up and wake up

Starting the day with a yoga routine has been documented to increase physical and mental productivity. It speeds up the metabolism and with regular practice, eases chronic pains. Postures united with the breath can bring much needed shifts to our energy levels, increasing circulation as a pathway to finding optimal health. 

Vinyasa Flow, a modern and creative style of yoga, journeys the body through different motions and skeletal planes, providing a sense of freedom and lubrication of the joints. Soon enough you’ll begin to discover parts of yourself you may have never sensed before!


Become aware of your breath, body and mind

How often do we pay close attention to our breathing and do we know how to correct any negative patterns? 

Yoga incorporates ‘Breath control’ techniques to regulate the energy levels in a matter of moments. It supplies the vital organs with fresh supply of oxygen and eliminates toxins from the body. 

High levels of stress can have damaging effects on the nervous system.  In moments of stress or worry you can discover how quickly regulating the breath can have an impact, not only mentally but also physically.

Feel more alive

Taking time to sit quietly with no distractions can be a challenge in this day and age. Another reason to start yoga early and set the rest of the day with clear intentions and focus. 

During yoga practice we are directed through self observation, allowing the brain to switch off from mundane tasks and arrive more easily to the present moment. 

With regular practice, studies show that yoga not only helps to improve strength and flexibility but regulates mood swings, anxiety and depression as well as chronic aches, blood pressure abnormalities and arthritis.  Chemical imbalances are moderated by the accelerated release of the ‘happy’ hormone such as serotonin, all down to a a regular yoga practice. 


Excited to get started? Click here to read more on ‘Which Yoga is right for me’ and visit us at Deva Yoga to start your yoga journey today!