Sweet Dreams Yogic Workshop


Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you toss and turn, your mind constantly whirring? Do you go to sleep but then find yourself awake in the early hours worrying about everything and anything? Have you ever had nights where all you do is look at the clock and think ‘even if I fall asleep now I’m only going to get 5 hours sleep’ and then worry about everything you have to do the next day and how you’re now going to be too tired to do it? Well in honour of Sleep Awareness Week 2018 (taking place from March 11- March 18), Deva Yoga tells you why the Sweet Dream Yogic Workshop is so special and just what you need.


Yoga has been known for centuries for it’s many benefits, one of which is helping us to sleep better. It can reduce stress, the stress that keeps us up at night. It can lower cortisol levels and help us to relax. It can reduce anxiety levels and calm the mental chatter that happens before bed and it can also regulate the nervous system. The speed of our thoughts greatly depends on the state of our nervous system. Most people live with a mind in a constant state of arousal and tension, which prevents them from slipping off to sleep with ease at night. And lots of people who suffer with sleep problems have ‘hyperarousal’. This means that if your fight or flight response was triggered in any way during the day, when it comes to switching off at night this is still raised. Even if you physically feel exhausted, your nervous system will still be on red alert. Yoga can help activate your parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) which will help you sleep, and stay asleep.


As well as promoting a great night’s seep after the workshop you will also get lots of tips that you can use at home to make sure that your future nights only contain sweet dreams.


And when you head to bed the effects of your sleep practise are felt and remembered by the nervous system which allows falling asleep so much easier. You really do need to experience it first-hand to understand its power to deeply relax you.


Click here for more details about what the workshop will include and join Nina for this Sleep Workshop to get some deep, well deserved, nourishing relaxation.