Where do I begin?

2021 has been another year of totally unexpected twists and turns.
The end of a year signifies a time for reflection for me, so I would like to share my reflection with you at this time. Opening Deva Yoga just over four years ago was a huge turning point in my life. There were lots of life events that brought me to that point and although it was something that I had dreamt of, I wasn't quite expecting it to happen when it did. Now four years on, I really can't imagine life without it. To be completely honest, it has been the hardest thing I have ever done and at times, the most stressful. At the same time, it has been the most rewarding and fulfilling thing I have ever done. My life couldn't look more different than it did five/six years ago and it takes for me to stop and really observe and absorb, exactly where I am in my life to realise just how far I have come. Way too often we keep going without really seeing what's going on around us or fully experiencing the moment we are in - good, bad or simply indifferent. So right now maybe try to take a real moment to see and feel exactly where you are in your life. To reflect on how far you have come and the differences between now and five/six years ago or just the past year. Some reflections will be tinged with sadness and feelings of loss, which I have too. However, from the sadness and loss there are also gifts and we can choose to embrace those gifts to carry us forward to our next chapter. 
Maybe... stop, observe and acknowledge what your strongest feeling is right now?

As I write this (reaching for yet another Christmas choccy) not only do I feel extremely full and grateful, I also feel connected. Connection is most definitely my word for 2021!  The connections and wonderful friendships that have come from Deva are totally priceless. This year has really been the most special with regards the depth of those connections with so many of you. Not only on a personal level but with each other. It really does warm my heart when I hear and see you all chit chatting and looking out for each other. I have had the privilege of witnessing many acts of kindness throughout this year and that word again, connections. How we connect with each other has become more relevant and important than ever as the world moves through this continual and huge time of change and transition.  
So many things to be grateful for and so many wonderful connections that have come from this year:

The outstanding continual support with our work with Bromley Foodbank. Our Christmas collection was phenomenal yet again. Deva are now the 2nd largest donators after the supermarkets in the Borough of Bromley due to your generosity - simply thank you!  We will be continuing this work throughout 2022. 

More recently we have started working with Care4Calais supporting the refugee crisis. We have been using the studio as a drop off point for the past few months and have been overwhelmed with donations already. You can read more about our work with them below. Working with worthy causes was always what I envisaged for Deva so this is one of those fulfilling moments. 

As I have said many times before, Deva wouldn't exist without the unwavering support and dedication of our wonderful teachers, so I would like to say a very big and special thank you to Nina, Lauren, Kevin, Poppy, Bella, Yinny, Liza, Nadine, Holly, Katie, Harriet, Dave, Kate, Minica and last but most certainly not least., Monika. They check in, show up and always with a smile, when we need them most. Thank you! 

There are two people who really do not get seen or heard very much but they really are the wheels on our bus. The sail on our ship that keeps us afloat even when things get a little choppy and I truly couldn't be without them. My two special K's... Kristy and Keeley. Kristy keeps us all in check and things working behind the scenes and Keeley is our social media whizz and keeps us continually entertained with her witty posts. Thank you ladies! 

This past couple of years have been a journey for us all and I know how blessed I am to be surrounded by so many talented, kind and wonderful people. And to add to that, people who believe in me and my sometimes, crazy ideas and visions - I am grateful to you all.  

Connection - my word for 2021. What's yours?  

I truly wish you all a happy, safe and peaceful New Year and that 2022 takes you on the journey of your dreams.
With all my love