How you doin?

I'm doing fine - how you doin?  

Our automatic response when we are asked this question is exactly this... 'I'm fine thank you - how are you?' When you may actually be feeling a little like this picture 😳
So right now, stop for a minute and answer the question honestly, even if it is just to yourself. How are you REALLY doing?  

For me, in all honesty this month has been a drag! The dark nights, the cold, wet and windy days and the constant influx of negativity surrounding the current affairs of the world. There have been days where there seems very little sunshine or light at the end of the tunnel. Yes I am grateful for everything I have, however, I am also human. I have truthfully had a few days when I could quite easily have pulled the duvet up over my head. The only reason to surface to switch Netflix on and look for another 'Bridgerton' kind of boxset that I could totally lose myself in. Hooray for my creative visualisation skills. I can very quickly visualise myself flouncing around in one of those fabulous outfits, playing one of the flawless complexion ladies in this super addictive drama. Allowing myself a few hours to indulge in this escapism isn't a crime is it? Recognising and being aware of my mood and my mental and emotional state is the hard part. Being aware that I'm not ok, and then being ok that I'm not ok is the next step... harder than we think. Looking for tools, resources and people that can help to motivate me to get me back on the "yay, it's great to be alive" train, is the next part. So with the help of our wonderful Bridgerton buddies, some inspirational words from my favourite teachers, a determination to reignite my meditation practice and a inner calm and kindness towards myself, I accept that I am not perfect and that it's ok to allow myself a 'blip' every now and again and I am soon back on the train! 

So... How are you doing? Stop, reflect, answer the question honestly and be ok to not be ok and don't forget, no question is a silly question and no time is too late. What is it you need right now?